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Marketing Sherpa

Don’t be lazy: go that extra mile with your emails

Email is alive and well as a marketing channel in the B2B sector, as I’m sure you’re well aware. But where does email fall down? An interesting Marketing Sherpa discussion might prove enlightening. In What Motivates Buyers to Receive and Engage with Vendor Email? it’s made quite clear that the biggest weaknesses in emails are that the content isn’t relevant and the offer isn’t compelling enough. No surprise there of course, although it’s amusing that content not being relevant isn’t considered as big a problem by marketers as it is… Read More »Don’t be lazy: go that extra mile with your emails

A chill wind blows through trade shows

Here’s a survey which probably just tells us something we already knew, but it’s always good to have your assumptions backed up by some numbers. US website Marketing Sherpa has published the results of a survey of nearly 1,500 “buyers and influencers” in Information Sources for Large Purchase Decisions Changing which shows a thumping drop this year in the number of people using “face to face” events or tradeshows. We’re looking at trends here, not absolute numbers, but it’s interesting to see what’s rising and falling, even if we don’t… Read More »A chill wind blows through trade shows

Real life stories and lessons learned

The always-fascinating Marketing Sherpa website has produced a fantastic free document which I’d recommend everyone to go and download right now. The Marketing Wisdom 2009 Report is 50 pages of “real life stories and lessons learned” from its readers, many of whom are marketing managers in everyday businesses. There are 94 tips and anecdotes, the majority of which I found interesting – and a few of which I found really noteworthy. Go take a look.