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Don’t be lazy: go that extra mile with your emails

Email is alive and well as a marketing channel in the B2B sector, as I’m sure you’re well aware. But where does email fall down? An interesting Marketing Sherpa discussion might prove enlightening. In What Motivates Buyers to Receive and Engage with Vendor Email? it’s made quite clear that the biggest weaknesses in emails are that the content isn’t relevant and the offer isn’t compelling enough. No surprise there of course, although it’s amusing that content not being relevant isn’t considered as big a problem by marketers as it is by customers. It would appear that too many of us think our customers will be interested in us even if what we’ve got to say isn’t of interest to them. Worth bearing in mind next time you email out a newsletter telling the world you’ve got a new financial director.

Once again, however, this emphasises the need to segment your email lists. Don’t amalgamate all your announcements into one email and send it to everyone. You know who buys product A, who buys product B, and who buys both. Send them the right emails.

Recipients also value who the sender is more than marketers think. Could you personalise the sender of your emails more? If your customers in the north deal with salesman A and those in the south with salesman B, why not divide the list that way and send your emails from the person at your company who the customer actually knows?

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