We’re working with over 60 companies in the UK and the rest of Europe. Can we help you too?

At Business Marketing Online Ltd (BMON), we manage Google AdWords advertising campaigns for companies in the engineering, scientific and other technical sectors. We save our clients money compared to running AdWords in-house, and we save them a lot of time. Our clients don’t need to have any working knowledge of Google AdWords advertising – they just need to tell us how many visitors a month they want sent to their website.

If that wasn’t enough, as every single one of our clients will tell you, we’re far more than an outsourced service provider. By using BMON to manage your Google AdWords advertising campaigns, you gain an extra member of your marketing team, at no extra cost. We want every one of our clients to have the most successful online marketing in their particular industry and we’ll do whatever we can to get you there. We’ll be here to provide all the advice you might need, on any aspect of running your website or promoting it online. We’ll keep a constant watch on how your website is performing, and we’ll provide regular reports. If there are new developments which could put you one step ahead of the competition, we’ll be the first to let you know.

All this comes free of charge, just for using us to run your Google AdWords campaign, which in itself should save you money. No wonder we have clients queueing up to give us enthusiastic endorsements.

“It’s good to work with a company who understand our industry. This means we can trust them to get on with managing our Google AdWords campaigns, freeing us up to concentrate on other activities.”
Matt Forknall, Sales and Marketing Director, Air Control Industries Ltd

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