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Marketing Experiments

The Path to Enlightenment

In my opinion, the most effective page designs strongly encourage the reader to start with the headline at the top, look at an image, read the text and take an action.

Why you should set an hour aside to get LinkedIn

Despite the ubiquity of “social media”, from Digg to Facebook to Twitter, I don’t encourage our clients to spend a lot of time on it. That’s not because these various interactive web services aren’t of any use in the business world; far from it. However, there are more fundamental things to concentrate on for most companies before you get into the intricacies of using these services and sites to your advantage. However, one social media site which I’ll make an exception for is LinkedIn, because it can be useful from… Read More »Why you should set an hour aside to get LinkedIn

Start with the little things

Lots of people have said to me over the summer, “Chris, I love the idea of learning how to make my website work harder on your Insider Programme, but my company website is run by our American/German/Japanese (delete as applicable) parent, and all we do is to upload product information and news relating to the UK. So there’s not much we can do to improve the website, is there?” If that rings a bell with you, it’s time to think again. Firstly, I’d say the design of a website (the… Read More »Start with the little things

Have we got a video?

The Eppendorf video which I mentioned last week is not the only piece of video around in industrial marketing, just a particularly adventurous one. But should you be increasing your use of video? In What you need to know about using video online on the Marketing Experiments blog it’s suggested that you’ll have to test to see what your market responds to, but before you start testing, there are other questions to be answered about the context of your videos, as well as “friction” and “usability”. Read the article for… Read More »Have we got a video?