4 tips – and ‘the elephant in the room’

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Jackie West

Twice this week I’ve read the term ‘the elephant in the room’ – the first in a business email, which explained a situation precisely, leaving no-one in doubt exactly what was being said – nice one!

The second time, it’s used in an article from Hubspot Blog – Inbound Marketing Blog entitled 4 Tips to Make Your Content Remarkable, posted by Kirsten Knipp.

The article discusses how to achieve ‘remarkable’ content for your audience, and says:

“In different industries and situations, remarkable may look like one of the following:

* Having a CXO engaging personally on a blog or site in a very staid organization
* Sharing a strong opinion on an industry ‘elephant in the room’
* Publishing funny music, videos or cartoons (Humor can drive ROI)
* Creating an award and nominating suppliers or customers in a category
* Publishing pricing when no other competitors share that information

Only you know your audience well enough to know what is out of the norm or what information they crave and therefore could be remarkable to them.”

Read it in full here

I know of at least one person who will be smiling and nodding, especially in respect of the final point re pricing

Personally, I like the idea of outing the elephant!

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