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Jackie West writes:

Thanks this month to Andy Marken and Richard Stone for their contributions (especially Richard, who is pandering to my Smiths/Moz foible!)

As we end yet another month (where does time go?), here’s something from Paul Dunay’s blog – he says that it’s the 4 C’s of marketing which are now more applicable to B2B marketing, rather than the 4 P’s we’ve all had drummed into us.

He outlines the 4 C’s of B2B Marketing as:





And says, “Since B2B Marketing is arguably more of a marathon than a sprint in marketing – you need to always have your 4 C’s engine going – creating the best content, finding the connection with your target audience, sustaining the communications pattern until they are ready to convert – this way you have a fighting chance at making all your marketing efforts count toward one goal – Sales!

Read the full article here.
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