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Why is your presence on Google so important?

(3/8) If you had to choose just one channel on which to base your company’s promotional presence, you would pick Google. Being seen in the Google results is more important and has a far broader reach than any other promotional activity, from magazine coverage to exhibition appearances.


Almost every potential customer will either find you on Google, or will pass through Google on the way to your website and eventually making an enquiry. How you look on Google, and how often you appear, has never been of greater importance.

The companies who understand this are devoting more investment and time towards their Google presence than they are to any other marketing activity. These companies will inevitably include some of your competitors too.

It’s not all about “being number 1 for a search on blue widgets”, however. While that’s desirable (for blue widget manufacturers, at least), your Google presence is all about the breadth of the search terms where you appear, and the way your results look. This is what you really need to be working on, and at BMON, we’re constantly advising our clients how to get this right.

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