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Why is outsourcing Google Ads a smart move?

(6/8) Not all of our new clients at BMON are companies starting Google Ads campaigns for the first time. Some are quite the opposite: Experienced advertisers who’ve been perfectly happy running their own Google Ads campaigns in-house for several years.

But there comes a point for everyone where staying on the learning curve is no longer a sensible investment of time and effort. Not when there are dozens of other marketing initiatives to be organised.

And then there’s the time required. Many people managing an in-house Google Ads campaign find it hard to check the account’s performance as often as once a week. Perhaps it’s time to hand it over to someone who will look at it every single day. Here’s Google’s own “Working with Third-Parties” guide.

Why is BMON better than an ad agency?

Outsourcing a job should result in that job no longer taking up any of your time. With BMON, that’s exactly what will happen. Just tell us to get on with it, and we’ll start reporting back on the results we’ve achieved.

But although conventional advertising agencies have been happy to take on Google Ads accounts, they often need a lot of handholding on your part. For a start, there are hundreds or thousands of search terms to research. This is a little difficult for someone who doesn’t understand the technology involved. For example, if you want your ad to be shown every time somebody searches for a relevant european standard, you don’t want the job of listing all of the relevant European Standards to your advertising agency. Or even explaining what a European Standard is.

At BMON, we know technology. Engineering and scientific terminology is what we deal with. Every day.

And then there’s the budgeting. Conventional advertising agencies can’t usually see past booking advertising and adding their markup. But how much will the advertising cost? Google Ads works on a pay-per-click basis, which is almost impossible to predict. It’s far from ideal.

At BMON, we work on a fixed spend each month, and get the most out of whatever budget you decide. You stay completely in control.

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