What’s happening in technical B2B marketing?


(2/8) Marketing departments are involved with an increasing number of activities. Even when companies have decided to stop traditional activities such as magazine advertising, the list of responsibilities doesn’t seem to get shorter.

Those marketing departments who’ve had time to analyse their sales enquiries have seen a distinct change over the past ten years. The route to enquiry has become less direct, nearly always taking in the website, whatever the initial point of contact. What’s more, prospects routinely use Google just to get to your website, even when they know who you are. Accrediting these tortuous paths to their initial source has become harder than ever.

Now that online marketing has set new benchmarks for being able to assess return on investment, the analysis of promotional efforts has had to step up, across the board. There’s never been a more pressing need to subcontract the repetitive operations and concentrate on the decision-making.

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“Having worked previously with Chris and the BMON team in creating our new websites, we had total confidence in having our worldwide Google AdWords campaigns being managed by them. We love the fact that we get a single conventional invoice each month for a fixed amount agreed in advance.”
Sigrid Winecki, Marketing and Quality Control, A Krüss Optronic