What else does BMON offer?

(8/8) Because we have so many clients, we’re able to offer a selection of free services to support your online marketing too. Some of these are unique to BMON, and others would normally require a paid-for subscription. For example, our weekly Google search monitoring report keeps an eye on where you appear in the normal Google search results for a range of search terms. And our group subscription to a website uptime monitoring service checks your website every 15 minutes, to give you a fast warning if it “goes down”, and a summary of the “uptime” at the end of each month.


Above all, however, we’re here to help. In the past, we’ve worked with clients on planning new websites and blogs, we’ve provided “site crawls” listing all the pages on their site, and we’ve assisted with setting up email marketing campaigns.

If you read Chris Rand’s daily online marketing email, you’ll know how we think. All of our advice can be yours, without charge, as a Google AdWords client.

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“Working with BMON has been like a breath of fresh air. The no-nonsense practical approach of the highly professional team has not only helped us get to grips with Google Ads but is also helping us with our overall online strategy. We have already seen a significant increase in traffic to some of our key product pages.”
Matthew Fowles, Group Marketing Manager, LVD Company nv