Tudor Treadmills

Tudor Treadmills

Tudor – innovators in canine hydrotherapy treadmills

Tudor Treadmills hydrotherapy units are effective in the treatment of many canine conditions, for example:
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Weight Management
Pain Management
Balance training
Pre and post operative orthopaedic treatments

It has been proven that hydrotherapy treadmill treatment delivers numerous benefits in rehabilitation and well being, such as improved joint mobility, pain management, reduction in swelling and stiffness, increased blood flow to tissues, increased flexibility, and more.

The Tudor Neptune Mk3 is an easy to use, touch screen, system – offering:
• High resolution touch screen and WiFi remote control
• Pre installed treatment programmes, with flexible automated and manual programming
• Real time speed control measured in meters per second or miles per hour
• Large viewing areas
• Walk through design
• Easy to use incline system (up to 6 degrees)
• Ability to work within the treadmill
• Integration to client records by USB
• Powerful motor to handle big dogs
• Easy clean, with full access to all areas
• Emergency drain for foul water direct to drains
• Available in pool or tank fed option

A full brochure on the Tudor Neptune Mk3 is available to download here.

As to be expected, the company provides full training, and first-class after sales service, as well as guidance on financial implications/ROI for veterinary practices/hospitals.

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