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A wide range of advanced cleaning and treatment technologies

As a distributor for four major speciality chemical companies in the metalworking and finishing industry Stowlin Croftshaw are in an enviable position in the UK with respect to choices of cleaning methods and products available to offer their customers.

Apart from our own cleaning and treatment technologies of Vaposol® AMC and Cool-Phos® Stowlin Croftshaw have products available from Petroferm, Mykal, Henkel Technologies and Hubbard Hall.

Looking at solvent cleaning we have vapour and immersion types together with safe wiping solvent products from Petroferm, and Mykal. Many of these products hold important approvals.

When it comes to alkaline cleaners there is a broad range available to us from all four of our principals. We can offer products based on caustic alkali or silicates or blends of both together with nearly neutral materials for more delicate metals. There are products suitable for dip and spray applications and even blends specifically designed for ultrasonic cleaning. We can prescribe products that are compatible with subsequent processes like pre-treatments for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Some materials are highly approved by the aerospace and electronics industries.

Neutral cleaners are an important area for machine shops where it is important to clean components between machining operations and at the completion of the component where it is also important to protect the metal – for example, rust prevention. Here again we offer a range of ambient and elevated temperature cleaning products.

Within our general chemical range we have acidic cleaners, and de-scalers, paint removers, pre-treatments (such as Caustic Soda) metal blacking and colouring products for most metals together with metal protectives and many maintenance cleaners for vehicles and other applications.

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