Stemmer Imaging Ltd

Stemmer Imaging Ltd

Excellence in Imaging and Machine Vision from Europe’s largest imaging technology provider

With over 30 years of imaging experience, STEMMER IMAGING is Europe’s largest machine vision technology provider.

Image processing or Machine Vision is used in many applications, such as industrial automation, medical imaging, print and production, security and traffic technology. It is a powerful and cost effective way of implementing automated quality assurance. This is also possible at high speeds and with rigorous accuracy. Machine vision allows for 100% monitoring, delivering the competitive edge to those companies using it.

We offer:
* A large selection of illumination systems for optimum object illumination
* Lenses and optics for all major cameras and applications
* A wide range of industrial cameras, such as line-scan, area scan and high speed cameras in both monochrome and colour
* ‘Smart’ vision solutions
* Powerful image acquisition technology
* Complete imaging systems
* All necessary accessories – cables, connectors, power supply units, stands, protective housings, etc.

STEMMER IMAGING suppliers are leading international manufacturers of imaging components, for example:

Cameras – from suppliers such as Teledyne Dalsa, Allied Vision Technology, Sony

Illumination – from suppliers such as CCS, Phlox, Smart Vision Lights

Optics – from suppliers such as Pentax, Fujinon, Nikon

Cabling – from suppliers such as 3M, CEI, Nortech systems

Acquisition – from suppliers such as Active Silicon, Adlink, Silicon Software

Software – from suppliers such as Aqsense, Common Vision Blox, IDS

Systems – from suppliers such as LMI, Teledyne Dalsa, Microbus

Accessories – from suppliers such as APG, AutoVimation, B+W Filter

This extensive range of components and solutions, coupled with knowledge, expertise and comprehensive support allows us to offer everything to solve a machine vision task.