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We make it much easier for our customers to source high quality products…

For almost 20 years Sino has been growing organically – not by acquiring other companies, or accelerated by huge injections of capital, but by patiently building up in-house capabilities and skills whilst also winning the respect of increasingly large clients.

Find out how we can make things better for you.

Sino is a unified British and Chinese owned manufacturing company headquartered in the UK with its own well-equipped factory in Shenzhen.

We make it much easier for our customers to source high quality products without the usual challenges of dealing directly with Chinese companies or going through a middleman.

You can be confident everything we do is underpinned by western values and standards, with local sales and technical support, and advanced supply chain management solutions.

Take a look at our Services:

Injection Mould Tooling

Metal Pressings

Die Casting

Logistics Management

Turned Parts

Electro Mechanical Assemblies

View the full scope on the website – discover how Sino will work with you to make it easier for you to source high quality products for your projects.


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