Process Parameters

Process Parameters

For all your industrial temperature measurement needs…

Process Parameters is a one stop shop for all your industrial temperature measurement needs. We manufacture temperature probes at our UK facility providing both ex-stock and custom made Thermistors and Thermocouples. As the UK distributor for Optris, the renowned German manufacturer, we also supply high quality non-contact Infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras. In addition, our range includes temperature controllers, transmitters, temperature indicators and displays, temperature gauges, and float switches. We also offer a calibration service.

Established in 2004, Process Parameters has a proven track record in providing the finest industrial measurement and control products to OEMs, end users and resellers. With a wealth of application knowledge and experience of manufacturing temperature sensors, our friendly team provide expert advice ensuring that you chose the best solution for your requirement. We also have a resident expert in thermography amongst our ranks.

We use the finest components to assemble a full range of standard and bespoke fabricated and mineral insulated temperature probes utilising Thermocouple or Thermistor technology. All styles or designs can be accommodated including specialist process connections, types of construction materials, electrical outputs and electrical connections. A choice of thermowells and pockets is also available.

The range of Optris Infrared thermometers includes compact pyrometers with small sensing heads for use in cramped and hot surroundings, high performance sensors with dual laser aiming for precise aiming of the measuring spot, and hand held Infrared thermometers for demanding portable tasks. These sensors can measure up to 2200°C, and are ideal for use in high speed production processes where non-contact probes cannot be used.

We also supply the Optris PI series of thermal imaging cameras for industrial portable and fixed applications. Great for R&D and production processes, the PI range of thermal imagers start at 160 x 120 pixels and go up to 382 x 288 pixels. A bi-spectral version displays both an Infrared image with a visual image, and the high resolution infrared cameras include a model with high temperature sensitivity which can detect even the slightest temperature change. Lightweight versions are available for UAV applications. All the Optris PI thermal imaging cameras come with a software analysis package as standard, which allows data to be collected either on a live or recorded basis. The cameras must be connected to a PC via USB for both power and data transfer. A stand-alone alternative is possible via connection to the Optris miniaturised computer.

Process Parameters is quite simply a temperature measurement specialist, happy to help in any way to ensure you find the right industrial temperature solution. Above all, we aim to deliver excellent and friendly customer service and develop long lasting customer relationships.

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