Michael Smith Engineers

Michael Smith Engineers - sealless leak-free pumps with experienced support

The UK’s leading pump specialist for difficult liquid handling applications

Michael Smith Engineers Ltd was formed in 1971 as a specialist pump distributor.

We have our head office in Woking and a sales and support office near Leeds, allowing us to provide service and support to customers throughout the United Kingdom.

With an average length of service in the organisation of over 15 years, we can call on broad experience to solve your difficult applications and pumping problems.  We have been accredited to ISO 9000 by NQA Ltd since 1994

The main markets serviced are the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and process sector with the larger pumps, and laboratories, research and development institutions and OEMs with the smaller pumps.

The company tends to specialise in sealless leak-free products and offer ranges of:

Magnetically driven gear pumps

Magnetically driven centrifugal pumps (including metal, plastic and lined centrifugals)

Conventionally sealed centrifugal pumps,

Peristaltic pumps

Tubular diaphragm pumps

Metering pumps

Valveless piston pumps

High pressure diaphragm pumps

Vane pumps

Side channel pumps,

Air operated double diaphragm pumps

Barrel emptying pumps

Michael Smith Engineers have experience of pumping many hard to handle liquids including acids, bases, organic liquids, solvents, inorganic liquids, slurries, volatile liquids, corrosives, abrasive liquids, non-lubricating liquids, liquids with entrained gases and flammable liquids.

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