London Electronics

London Electronics

Specialists in the design and manufacture of digital panel meters and large displays

London Electronics designs and manufactures digital panel meters and large displays, offering a wide portfolio of products and services, encompassing:
Design and manufacture of high precision panel meters, large displays and message displays
Custom design of special displays and systems to solve specific requirements
Design of web-based analysis and logging software to support customers in improving manufacturing efficiency

Digital Panel Meters
Providing easy, reliable and accurate measurement and control, for example, for process variables.

Fusion Series Large LED displays with big digits
These large displays allow important information the be viewed from a distance. They will accept most industrial signals such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Interbus, EtherCAT, ControlNet, T24, 4-20mA, 0-10V, Load Cells, RS232, RS485, Modbus, TCP/IP, Thermocouples, PT100, Humidity, NPN and PNP.
Large digit clocks, timers and counters can also be manufactured.

Titan Industrial Networked Message Displays
With these industrial message displays enable the sharing of important production and plant information across the shop floor, keeping all personnel up-to-date simply and easily.

This video highlights a 32 pixel high Titan message display with 200mm high character capacity.

Bargraph and Ribbon displays
Ideal presentation of relative amounts, such as level, temperature, weight, pressure etc. A fast indication of how hot, heavy or full, etc.

Andon displays
Stand-alone displays or can be included in more complex displays, together with large digit numeric displays or text displays, with sounders, email and SMS notification. Available as custom-made to meet specific requirements.

Factory displays
Ideal for monitoring production efficiency. Whatever is important to a process, a display can be manufactured to show live values of key performance indicators. Live data can be viewed on a cloud-based system.

Factory analysis
Custom-analytics systems will focus on the most important, and critical, data automatically, such as OEE, reasons for down time, Takt time, quality, scrappage ratio etc.

DIN Signal transmitters
For load cell, process, pulse and temperature, these high precision signal transmitters are PC-programmable (ie for pulse input for total, rate, period, phase angle and quadrature) and only 22.5mm wide, and can be pre-configured, and ready for easy connection.

Panel Mounting Printer
Cost-effective, economical, easy to use and reliable. Ideal in a wide range of test and recording applications where you need a permanent record.

Automated Return of Materials Authorisation (RMA)
London Electronics ensure it’s a no-hassle process to repair, modify, RTS, exchange or upgrade.

OEM service
Own branding on London Electronics products is available, including the branding of all the operating manuals and rating labels. Manuals and catalogues can be produced in English or French.

Online instruction manuals
A freely available useful resource.

Worldwide distributor and agent coverage – overseas enquiries welcome, the company will redirect to the nearest agent/distributor.

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