Lee Spring

Lee Spring is Britain's No.1 Stock Spring Supplier

Springs for every application. 16,500 different types.

Looking for spring products? You are certain to find what you need at Lee Spring. Established in the UK in 1978 Lee Spring is Britain’s No.1 Stock Spring Supplier and part of a global group whose headquarters are in the USA. Lee Spring has companies in Europe, Asia, Mexico and Latin America.

With over 16,500 different types of round wire compression, die, extension, continuous length, torsion, battery, wave, constant force and Belleville washer disc springs the portfolio amounts to literally millions of springs – more stock, more choice and more product lines than any other spring supplier in the UK. Stock springs are available for despatch on the day of ordering. All springs are featured in Lee Spring’s latest spring catalogue and can be ordered online. A range of ‘specials’ based on standard products is available and includes conical, swivel hook and drawbar springs. Supplementing these options is a custom spring design and manufacture service that will create exactly the type of spring you require.

Developed with research and development engineers, technicians and maintenance specialists in mind, Lee Spring engineers’ spring kits comprise a selection of different sizes of compression, extension, torsion and instrument springs.

The low spring rates and large diameters of Lee Spring’s Lite Pressure compression range suit applications such as valves, pistons, syringes, motor brushes, dispensers, contacts and toys. For more demanding performance standard compression springs are normally specified. These are now available in 316 and 302 stainless steels. The 316 type springs are ultrasonically cleaned as well as passivated to offer medical and food grade levels of cleanliness.

Other common forms of compression spring available are conical, tapered, concave, convex, and combinations of these.

Extension springs with various types of end options to attach them to the source of the force can also be supplied. Within this spring type are continuous length extension springs that meet demands for unusual applications or maintenance operations. Produced in music wire and 302 stainless steel these springs are designed to be cut to length to meet custom load requirements. Again loops or hooks can be formed on the ends of the springs to form suitable attachments.

Lee Spring’s torsion springs have ends that are rotated in angular deflection to offer resistance to externally applied torque. Springs of this type usually are close-wound and reduce in coil diameter and increase in body length as they are deflected.

For applications where the requirement is to accommodate exceptionally high loads in restricted spaces disc springs, also known as Belleville spring washers, function perfectly.

Battery springs provide offer the most efficient and reliable contacts in situations where portable power is used. Designed to adjust to varying battery lengths they provide secure, low contact resistance and dependable connections. Lee Spring now has now added beryllium copper springs to its battery spring range. Products manufactured from this material offer exceptional strength and durability performance. All battery springs are offered in four mounting configurations – interior, exterior, adjustable and double.

Lee Spring’s REDUX wave springs perform a similar function to compression springs but they take up to approximately 50% less compressed height. Manufactured in stainless steel type 17-7 PH these components offer optimum performance in static or slightly dynamic applications where space is critical or where radial and axial tolerances are tight.

Manufactured from high yield 301 stainless steel strip constant force springs exert a near constant restraining force. The springs are usually tightly coiled on a drum and either the free end or the drum can be attached to the load. Typical applications include counterbalance springs, car seat belt and cable retractors mechanisms.

Springs can be designed to an almost unlimited variety of configurations and over the years Lee Spring has manufactured literally millions of custom types. Tailored products are normally considered when either the performance characteristics required (e.g. environmental conditions, product life cycle, load capabilities, etc.) or physical size and configuration requirements exceed the scope of what is available from stock.

Lee Spring’s custom spring design and manufacturing service can now be accessed through ‘custom springs direct’ a dedicated team who handle the provision of tailored solutions including springs, washers, wire forms, stampings as well as assemblies.

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