Jackson ImmunoResearch

Jackson ImmunoResearch

The First Choice for Secondary Antibodies

Jackson ImmunoResearch (JIR) has a global reputation for the manufacture of high quality secondary antibodies. Their products are used by life scientists in Universities, Research Institutes, Hospitals and Biotech/Pharmaceutical companies, who use them in immunoassays such as immunohistochemistry, western blot, Flow Cytometry and ELISA. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in West Grove, PA (USA), JIR’s philosophy is to manufacture the widest range of the best quality secondary antibodies. In 1994 JIRE opened a European facility which is now situated in Ely, Cambridgeshire (UK).

JIR’s range of secondary antibodies give scientists huge choice from which to optimise their experimental protocols. They provide a multitude of species options, immunoglobulin specificities and conjugates for fluorescent and colorimetric detection. In terms of quality, JIR’s products offer outstanding experimental reproducibility, minimal cross-reactivity to indicated species and are lyophilised for long-term stability. As an antibody manufacturer they can scale up production for bulk and custom formulation upon request.

With a team of highly experienced scientists available to answer technical queries, and processes certified to ISO standard 9001:2015, JIR is the first choice for secondary antibodies.

The product range includes:

Secondary Antibodies

· Whole IgG

· F(ab’)2 Fragment

· Fab Fragment

Conjugate Options

· Alexa Fluor®

· DyLight™

· Cy Dye®

· Brilliant Violet™



· Alkaline Phosphatase

· Biotin

Complementary Reagents

· Normal Sera


· Purified Protein Controls

· Streptavidin

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