Effective moisture and humidity measurement instrumentation for all environments

IMA delivers excellence in complete cost-effective moisture measurement solutions. Our track record, of over 20 years, in instrumentation and process control ensures customers receive first class service, support and a complete understanding of their requirements. Whatever the environmental condition we provide a range of products, from a variety of manufacturers of key measurement parameters, all coming together to deliver real benefits to operators, with the opportunity to increase production and/or lower costs.

The product range covers portable or laboratory-based analysers and meters for gases and liquids, utilised across oil, gas, refining, chemicals, marine, manufacturing, power and laboratory sectors – from analysis of trace levels of acetylene (C2H2), carbon monoxide (CO) analysis, humidity (H2O) measurement, to oil in water systems, sulphur dioxide measurements and many more.


Recent additions to our extensive portfolio:

– from Falcon, the Calidus range of gas chromatograph: three modules giving fast measurement, simulated distillation analysis for virtually any hydrocarbon fuel or fuel blend.

– from Advanced Sensors, the HD-1000 handheld oil in water analyser with integrated probe: a portable monitor for quick and easy measurements in water feeds, water return outlets, or directly in rivers and seas.

– from PhyMetrix, the PLMa loop powered dew point transmitter for industrial gases, incorporating leading edge nanosensor technology to provide accurate and repeatable results from a compact (170 grams).

Plus we have supporting products, such as digital panel meters (including options for hostile environments) and compressed air products to support measurements made in compressed air.

In addition, our services encompass design and manufacture of sample systems, maintenance, calibration (on or off site), commissioning, systems integration, equipment rental, training, measurement audits, offsite/onsite testing, optimisation studies, consultancy, development and witnessed FAT services.

Giving further support to our customers we have an invaluable online ‘Masterclass’ area, with downloadable documents relating to products, technologies and best practice, together with a FAQ section covering such topics as Hygrometry and Measurements With Tunable Diode Lasers.

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