Flex 7

Leaders in lighting connection and control products

Flex7 offer an energy efficient lighting connection and control solutions for commercial and industrial settings. The flex7 System is designed and manufactured in the UK, and is ideal for use in education, retail, offices and healthcare environments.

Flex7 Lighting Connection

Flex7 lighting connection products offer a simple alternative to traditional wiring. The entire system plugs together quickly and easily, offering huge time savings during installation. Our eZeBox connection unit provides power to your lighting circuit, connect your luminaires using pre-wired, plug-in leads, then control your lighting with the simple addition of a plug-in lighting control module.

Flex7 Lighting Control

Our energy saving lighting controls do not require commissioning . Occupancy, absence, daylight dimming and daylight linking options are all available in a simple plug-in lighting control device. All flex7 lighting controls operate at PELV (Protected extra low voltage).

Our sensor heads are the smallest of their type, providing a discreet and unobtrusive way of controlling your lighting that doesn’t interfere with the décor in a room.

Flex7 ZoneLite Lighting Control

Our flex7 ZoneLite provides power to your lighting circuit, with the added functionality of integrated lighting control options. The ZoneLite is pre-programmed with up to 15 different lighting control scenarios. There are currently two ZoneLite types, one for education and one for office and commercial environments. Each of them is configured with scenarios common to their environment. These can be selected by switching a dial on the unit to the desired number.

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