Faraday Predictive

Faraday Predictive

Passionate about the application of condition monitoring

Faraday Predictive is dedicated to the application of Model-Based Voltage and Current (MBVI) systems for Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of rotating equipment.

The Faraday Predictive range of permanently installed or portable solutions and services will:
Assess the health and condition of your rotating equipment
Diagnose problems before they become failures
Reduce maintenance and operating costs
Avoid unexpected breakdowns
Measure Energy use and identify energy saving opportunities
Support you with your own Condition-Based Maintenance strategy

Until recently, Condition Based Maintenance has been hard to implement owing to the cost and complexity of Condition Monitoring techniques. However, Faraday Predictive have developed MBVI systems that are easier to use, and that incorporate enhanced diagnostics, allowing the identification of a wider range of problems / potential faults than conventional condition monitoring methods.

MBVI Systems can detect:
Looseness / Rubbing
Rolling element bearing problems
Journal Bearing problems
Flow Turbulence
Internal Corrosion (in certain cases)
Belt drives
Off-curve running
Blockages / load changes
Rotor bar defects
Stator Winding problems
Electrical Supply problems

MBVI Faraday Predictive

For more detailed insights into MBVI (Model-Based Voltage and Current), how it works, what it can deliver, and more, visit the Faraday Predictive website – request more information, or download a datasheet.

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