Cirrus Research

Cirrus Research

Dedicated to providing solutions for noise measurement

Cirrus Research is a world leader in the creation of noise measurement instruments. Since 1970, Cirrus’ mission has been to make monitoring noise simple. Today, thousands of companies around the world are using our instruments to help them comply with the Standards and Regulations that govern noise. Our innovative approach to product design has helped redefine the way the world looks at noise measurement instruments.

Our solutions for noise monitoring include:

· Optimus Sound Level Meters – for occupational and environmental noise monitoring

· doseBadge5 Noise Dosimeter – for occupational and personal noise exposure monitoring

· NoiseTools – for downloading, analysing and storing your noise measurement data

· Outdoor Noise Monitors – for fully weather protected outdoor noise measurements

· Revo Vibration Meter – for monitoring hand-arm and whole body vibration exposure

Our noise measurement products are designed, manufactured in the UK and are fully supported by our 15-Year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty for your peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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