AXYZ International

AXYZ International

AXYZ – For the Ultimate in Cutting Creativity with a Perfect Finish

AXYZ International offer the most diverse range of CNC routers in the industry and to date have built, sold and installed over 9,000 machines across the world.

Their flagship machines, the AXYZ Series are a highly versatile range of CNC routers and have fast become a vital production tool for a wide variety of industries. They are available in a range of bed sizes meaning they can process virtually any width or length of material and are highly customisable with a range of cutting head configurations and auto tool change options for maximum productivity. They can machine a diverse range of materials including natural woods (hardwoods, soft woods, cork), engineered wood products (plywood, MDF, wood composites), plastics (ABS, acrylic, HDPE, polycarbonate, PVC, UHMW and more), non-ferrous metals (Aluminium, brass, copper), fibreglass composites and foam products.

AXYZ also offer their Pacer Series CNC routers which come with a helical rack and pinion drive system as standard driven by high performance servo motors, resulting in greater accuracy, smoother cutting and quieter running. If it’s precision and reliability you’re after nothing else comes close.

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