ATC Semitec Ltd

ATC Semitec

ATC Semitec for accurate temperature control and protection of motors, transformers, battery packs, power supplies and small appliances

ATC Semitec is the UK’s leading supplier of thermal components working with some of the major suppliers in the thermistor and thermostat industry.

Semitec and Thinking NTC thermistors and thermistor sensors provide high accuracy temperature sensing and control. PEPI and Asahi bimetal thermostats and thermal cut-outs offer cost-effective control and over-temperature protection. Matsuo’s long-life precision thermostats bridge the gap between electronic temperature controllers and simple mechanical thermostats.

NEC Sefuse thermal fuses, PTC thermistors and Semifuse PTC resettable fuses provide reliable circuit protection. Over-current protection is controlled by Thinking PTC thermistors and SCK inrush current limiters. Voltage spikes and surges are suppressed by Thinking varistors and GDTs.

With 25 years experience in specifying and supplying thermistors, thermostats and thermal fuses you can be sure you have found the right business partner.

Our product range includes:

NTC Thermistors
PTC Thermistors
Thermistor Assemblies
Temperature Sensors
• Bimetal Thermostats
Precision Thermostats
• Thermal Fuses
PTC Resettable Fuses
• Current Limiting Diodes
• Inrush Current Limiters
• Varistors

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