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Applied Measurements Limited is a UK based designer, manufacturer and supplier of strain gauge based transducers and associated instrumentation.

Our product range includes:

* Load cellsamplified, ATEX/intrinsically safe, bending beam, button, compression, fatigue-rated, inline and miniature versions, all of which can be supplied with amplification or signal conditioning in either analogue or digital format.

* Standard load measuring pins – plus a bespoke and customised service for applications calling for non-standard components.

* Force sensors

* Pressure sensors, pressure transducers and pressure transmitters

* Torque sensors and torque transducers – includes brushless rotary torque transducers which are typically used in applications where high rotational speeds or duty cycle feature.

* Displacement sensors and instrumentation. The instrumentation range includes amplifiers, signal conditioners, handheld digital displays, panel-mount digital indicators, signal digitisers and wireless telemetry.

In addition to our standard range of products, we also have the capability to design, develop and manufacture customised sensors to meet particular needs.  When required, this can also include multi-axis force measurement applications.

Our equipment is used across a diverse range of industries including, medical, aerospace, oil and gas, geotechnical, test and measurement, research, machine building and agriculture.

Typical force and weighing applications in which we have been involved vary from a simple weighing system for eggs, to a multi load cell system calculating the centre of gravity on a 2000 tonne structure.

Pressure sensor applications include water depth measurement, barometric pressure, underwater ROVs, hydraulic lifting equipment and earth moving vehicles.

Torque applications as varied as, air drives tool calibration, vehicle steering torque, ships propulsion systems, motor and gearbox drive train testing, oil and pipeline values and aircraft landing gear development.

Our range of displacement sensors has been used to measure, deflection of building structures, value positioning, thickness checking, centricity of rotating shafts and profile measurement.

All of these products are fully supported by a range of analogue, digital and telemetry instrumentation.

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