Advanced Interconnections Corporation

Advanced Interconnections Corp

Dedicated to solving electronic interconnect challenges

Advanced Interconnections is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and advanced semiconductor and electronic interconnect solutions, with proven performance and durability, across a wide range of applications and sectors across the world. From telecommunications, military, automotive development to high-end computer servers and medical equipment – in fact, any application requiring an electronic interconnect solution will benefit from Advanced Interconnections expertise.

With 30 years of experience in the field, Advanced Interconnections guarantees high reliability and cost-effective solutions, and acknowledges that time and cost are a priority when working from prototype through to production, and therefore offers developers the online option to build their own part numbers from the extensive product section.

Advanced Interconnections invented the world’s first removal terminal carrier, Peel-A-Way® – effectively replacing hand-loading operations, enabling complete solder joint inspection which can be easily customised with multiple terminal styles.

For robust handling, the high density B2B® SMT Connectors are designed for long-life applications especially where robust screw-machined terminals, with multi-finger contacts need to withstand the demands of blind mating and rigorous mating/unmating cycles.

In addition, the company product portfolio also covers BGA Socketing Systems, Board to Board Connectors, IC Sockets and Adapters, Package Conversion Adapters, Terminals and Test Jacks.

A fully integrated, sustainable and earth-friendly, manufacturing operation is based in West Warwick, Rhode Island, where rigorous process control is standard. From the minute raw material
is received, right through to the final inspection, everything is quality assured and produced in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 certified quality system.

Working across 35 countries, Advanced Interconnections has a network of experienced Manufacturer’s Representatives and Distributors offering design support and local sourcing of a wide variety of connectors, sockets, adapters, terminals, and application-specific interconnect designs.

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