A. Kruess Optronic GmbH


Experts in Laboratory and Gemmological Instruments

Kruess Optronic is a German based manufacturer of high precision optical measurement instruments and density meters.

The company’s motto is “Innovation since 1796”.

Kruess offers six Refractometer options for the laboratory – digital, Abbe, process, as well as digital and manual handheld devices, together with a comprehensive range of accessories.

The Kruess high-speed Polarimeter series, the fastest polarimeter in the world, comprises five models, for all applications. Polarimeter accessories include stainless steel and glass tubes, quartz control plates, sodium lamps and glass cover plates.

Ideal for determining the presence of concentration of several common elements found in industrial and pharmaceutical processes, Kruess Flame Photometers offer a robust and economical solution, measuring up to three alkaline elements simultaneously.

A Krüss Optronic Training Centre
The A Krüss Optronic Training Centre, Alsterdorfer Str. 276-278, 22297 Hamburg, Germany

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