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So can trade magazines survive?

I said yesterday that I’d been reading a few articles recently about the trade press, and only mentioned one of them, so here’s another pair, this time from The WebMarketCentral Blog in the USA. Will Content Marketing Kill Trade Publications? and How Trade Publications Can Capitalize on Content Marketing and Social Media acknowledges that trade magazine publishers have failed miserably to move with the times, but does look at what they might offer to differentiate themselves – and survive – in the future. There are some good ideas in that… Read More »So can trade magazines survive?

Web marketing in layers. Yes, like an onion.

I did a seminar for marketing managers on Friday, and if I’d had time, I’d have loved to have gone into this article, The 8 Layers of a B2B Web Marketing Plan, on the WebMarketCentral Blog, because it really nails how to go about marketing your company online. You can take it as describing “just” your web marketing activities, or it could be the basis of your entire marketing activity if you’ve decided to move your marketing strategy to be fundamentally online-based. I know of more than one manufacturer where… Read More »Web marketing in layers. Yes, like an onion.

Knol: get writing

Whether or not Google’s Knol will be the new Wikipedia is anyone’s guess, but regardless, it’s something you should consider in your marketing plans. Using Google Knol as a B2B Marketing Tool from the WebMarketCentral Blog explains why and how, and gives you some links to examine Knol further. As the article says, “now, the SME can write a Knol page – with full authorship credit for the writer and company – and publish it for the world, with no pressure to write on a regular basis.” You really should… Read More »Knol: get writing

Heavyweight reading

MarketingSherpa is a well-known online marketing resource, and for good reason. It recently released its huge 2008 B2B Lead Generation Handbook (link to executive summary) and I’ve been ploughing through it. However, there’s little reason to spend ages writing it up thoroughly when others have already done a good job, so I refer you to What Works Now in B2B Lead Generation, Part 1 at the The WebMarketCentral Blog, where author Tom Pick pores over some of the conclusions. It’s well worth a read of the article, or the summary.… Read More »Heavyweight reading