I really don’t care about your company’s worldwide sales structure

Someone showed me their shiny new corporate website the other day. “Have a look at this”, they said, proudly. They typed in the URL, clicked on the world map to tell the website where we were, and …hang on a minute; they did what? Yes, as a visitor, the first thing they had to do was to click on a world map to let the site know their location. Talk about putting up barriers. You read that right: the first thing the website shows, on the home page, is a… Read More »

Tracking your promotions properly

If you use Google Analytics, one of the best tools you have at your disposal is the rather low-profile URL Builder (so obscure it doesn’t even appear to have a nice URL to call its own). What this tool does is to enable you to create URLs for all your promotional campaigns, such as advertising, emails, etc, which then allows you to track the visitors they create to a fine degree. This is the sort of thing I regularly find myself helping out our Insider Programme members with, but once… Read More »

Making product pages work in the search engines

The WebMarketCentral Blog makes a good point when it says “much of what is written about search engine optimization assumes that you’re writing a blog post, or a news story, or the next great ‘how to’ article” …but of course it’s just as likely that you’re writing that all-important product page. So how do you make a page full of technical specifications work in the search engines? SEO for Product Pages attempts to explain how. It gives four techniques to look at, including using the same terminology as your customers,… Read More »

Could you install a new company network? No? Well then…

…why do so many companies let the IT department have so much say when it comes to the company website? This is a point well made in Technology Company Websites should not be driven by technology on Tech Marketing Blog, which asks “why (do) organizations put critical marketing decisions in the hands of the IT department, or at a minimum allow the IT department to exert too much influence on the marketing decision making process?” Don’t get me wrong, the IT department (or your web host, if you outsource everything)… Read More »