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Will The Quo go on forever? You bet.

Some of your prospects will be new to the market, but the vast majority will be buying someone else’s product already, and the biggest unspoken barrier you need to overcome is the fear of change.

Are your reports something you can learn from?

I found myself nodding in agreement reading An Autopsy Has Never Brought the Body Back to Life (A Note to the Sales Manager) on The Sales Blog. I’m working with a number of clients helping them get better information out of resources such as Google Analytics, but in most cases, the exercise is driven by the need to produce retrospective reports for senior management, rather than to see what the data is predicting about the future. There’s actually only a fine difference between the two. In the first scenario, producing… Read More »Are your reports something you can learn from?

Your competitors are only human

A nice post on The Sales Blog called Respect, Not Fear might make you think about how you’ve come to view your competitors. I talk to so many companies where competitors are viewed with contempt and yet – simultaneously – seen as some sort of infallible sales and marketing machine which must be matched at all costs. The exhibition industry propped itself up for years on the back of this. Get one of a select few companies to take a stand, and all their competitors would flock to book stands… Read More »Your competitors are only human