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Writing a sector-specific landing page

An excellent article on the Stone Junction blog from one of the UK’s most internet-aware technical PR people, Richard Stone, is well worth a read. How to write a good landing page explains how to write web pages which appeal to prospects from different industries. After all, if you were in, say, the pharmaceutical industry, which page would appeal to you more? “Why our Blue Widgets will help you”? Or “Why our Blue Widgets will help you in the pharmaceutical industry”?

Time to bag yourself another useless bargain

Three things you can do to improve your ROI from advertising on the Stone Junction Blog makes a lot of good points. I’m convinced that more advertising than ever is being bought for the wrong reasons. With reduced budgets, spending should be more considered than ever. Instead, schedules are being dropped and people are advertising on an ad-hoc basis when three magical things come into alignment: an ad sales rep you get on with, a nice sunny day and – of course – an unrepeatable deal (until next time, anyway).… Read More »Time to bag yourself another useless bargain