Smart Insights

Twitter advertising now a real option

I suspect Twitter is of significantly more interest to B2B advertisers than, say, Facebook, and as the advertising is on a pay-per-click basis, it's well worth investigating.

Don’t waste any of your customers’ time

If you're sending an email where only a proportion of the audience will be interested in the offer, it's tempting to hide the specificity of the content (as described by the subject line) to maximise the open rate.

Be brave: ignore the most obvious search terms

The top spot for generic product classifications is often beyond the reach of most manufacturers, especially if the competition includes sites like Wikipedia. So it may make more sense to concentrate on the less-used search terms.

How are your emails looking?

If you send emails to your customers and prospects, have a read of Nine email preview tools and why you need one from the Smart Insights blog. One thing’s for sure: there’ll be loads of different-looking versions of your email out there, and some of them might not be to your liking.