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Brilliant free guide to search engine optimisation

If you’re at all interested in search engine optimisation (and who isn’t), here is the best up-to-date guide you’re going to see all year – and it’s a free download. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO 2016 (A Complete Guide to getting started in SEO) has been produced by the Search Engine Journal website with contributions from a who’s-who of the world’s top SEO experts. At 249 pages (!) it’s not a coffee-break read, but search engine optimisation isn’t that simple.


To get hold of the guide, visit this page and sign up to get on the SEJ mailing list. They’ll then send you links to the guide (and other material) which is available free to their mailing list subscribers. There’s no charge for anything.

What SEO software do the experts use?

I’ve mentioned before how, rather than going on expensive training SEO courses, a self-motivated person might like to work through a really good “SEO basics” guide and then put the money saved towards some software tools and services which could really make a difference. But what sort of tools? Search Engine Journal comes to our aid with The Last SEO Tool on Earth, an article where it asked a couple of dozen experts: “If you were only allowed to have one SEO tool, what would you pick?”

Even if you don’t have money to spend, quite a few of them are free, and possibly surprising too. It’s worth a read.

Giving that existing web page an extra push

Here’s a great article that might inspire you to re-evaluate the potential of old but important pages on your website. A Tactical Guide to Making Old Pages Rank in Google Again on Search Engine Journal gives no less than 12 ways in which you can improve the performance of existing pages in search engines. This might be interesting if, for example, you ever find yourself with a page ranking reasonably well and with only some relatively unimpressive pages above it in the Google results. Maybe that top spot is not unattainable. Have a read: I suspect there are several ideas which you could implement quite easily.

Read A Tactical Guide to Making Old Pages Rank in Google Again on Search Engine Journal

Interview videos done affordably in-house

As most of you will be aware, here at BMON we make regular, traffic-generating videos for several of our clients, at what seems to be viewed as a very affordable price. Our videos are, in effect, slideshows and therefore don’t require any involvement from the client – just order a dozen, and off we go.

But what if you want some “interview” videos? These can be brilliant if you have personable salesmen or technical experts, and will take their message far beyond the limited number of prospects they can see in person. Can you make these videos without spending thousands of pounds on a professional video production company? Well, yes you can.

A good outline is given in Video SEO Success in 30 Minutes or Less – A Case Study on Search Engine Journal. This shows you how you can make “interview” videos in-house quickly and cheaply – so easily that companies could even consider a “video blog”. All you need is some hardware which you may have already, and someone enthusiastic enough to give it a try.

A quick way of seeing how you’ve been doing in Google

Here’s a really good report which you can set up in Google Analytics (or most website traffic analysis applications) to give you a really interesting trend. It allows you to get an overall graph of the amount of people finding your website from the search engines using terms not related to your company name …in other words, the generic product related searches which are the most important in attracting people who are new to your company.

It’s quite simple: set up a ‘segment’ showing the traffic which comes from Google organic (natural) search and which does not include your company name. This is much better at representing your core strength in the search engines than just Google traffic in general, as a large part of that traffic will be people simply looking up your company website. As it’s a segment, rather than a filter, you can backdate the data to see how you’ve been doing in Google ever since you first got analytics installed on your site.

There’s a full writeup in How to Use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to Isolate SEO Problems on Search Engine Journal.