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Get those press releases working

Properly Formatting Your Press Release for Maximum Impact is a two-part article on Search Engine Guide which will reward a closer look. It originates from the US, so there are a few recommendations which seem odd to those of us here in the US Minor Outlying Islands, such as “in your opening paragraph, include your city and date first.” But if your press release might end up on a US-edited news website, maybe conforming to their practices isn’t a bad idea. There’s also a companion piece called Distributing your Press… Read More »Get those press releases working

Advertising: it’s still all about the conversions

If your company isn’t advertising with Google AdWords, you need to start today. Set it up yourself, or ask us to do it, whatever …just get it started. It’s cheap, very cost-effective, and probably already being exploited to death by your competitors. However, if you are using Google AdWords, and you’re not convinced that it’s all that great, I’d suggest you need to spend a bit more time on it. That time will pay for itself in spades. A great article to read now is How to Optimize Your PPC… Read More »Advertising: it’s still all about the conversions

Everything your website should be

I might well have mentioned this one before, but as I’m highlighting checklists at the moment, it would be remiss of me not to mention The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! on Search Engine Guide. If you have the time to go through this entire list and ensure that your website ticks all the boxes, you’re very lucky indeed. I’d love to say that every website I’d designed met all these criteria, but it wouldn’t be true, and indeed, there probably isn’t a website in the world which has.… Read More »Everything your website should be

Wake up and smell the Caffeine

A nice article on Search Engine Guide looks at the effects which the long-anticipated forthcoming Google update – called “Caffeine” – might have. Nobody really knows what Google will be looking for once this revised index is fully rolled out, but it’s a very good bet that “freshness” and “uniqueness” will help your site rank highly more than they ever have. That means getting new content onto your site and ensuring that what you add is original copy, not copied from elsewhere or prematurely distributed elsewhere. All the old rules… Read More »Wake up and smell the Caffeine

Your market will listen, if you just tell them

There are many people who can help with your online marketing. Why would you call me? Because I’m in front of you every day, demonstrating that I know my subject. More and more technical businesses are understanding the benefits of having a blog. It’s a fantastic way to engage with potential prospects and customers. And it works well in the most technical of fields. Buyers of industrial products welcome helpful information. They rarely get enough. A blog is your chance to establish your company as the one to turn to.… Read More »Your market will listen, if you just tell them

Bloggers: handle with care

I really liked reading A Guide to Pitching Bloggers on Search Engine Guide because it explains something I try to get over to any client, including our Insider Programme members. Getting links to your site is really important, and links from blogs (especially good ones) are great. But you’re wasting your time if you just email bloggers and say “link to me”. These people love their creations, and the last thing they want is for some corporation to be telling them what to do. On the other hand, show them… Read More »Bloggers: handle with care

Your website is supposed to be selling. Is it?

Here’s a nice “back to basics” article about the elementary functions of your website, which might make you sit up and think. Don’t Promote Your Website, Use Your Website to Promote You! on Search Engine Guide makes the very good point that the web is a little different from traditional media, in that you’re the publisher, and therefore you have to do an extra job – publicising the medium itself. If you take out an advert in Widget Monthly, you can safely assume that you don’t need to alert the… Read More »Your website is supposed to be selling. Is it?

Search engines: page 1 or bust

Lots of people monitor their position in the Google results for various search terms which they’ve identified as being important. But whilst you want to be as high as possible, is there a position below which it doesn’t matter where you are? Yes, and for most of us it’s number 10, because the vast majority of Google searchers never click to the next page. In Why I Think SERPs Should Go Beyond 10 Results on Search Engine Guide, the author argues that the search engine results pages (the “SERPs”) need… Read More »Search engines: page 1 or bust

Are the signs up in your shop?

I like this. In Seven Building Blocks of a Destination Website: #2 Usability on the Search Engine Guide blog, the author says that in projects aimed at improving your website’s performance in search engines, if you don’t address usability problems on your site as part of the exercise, it’s “like running radio and TV promos to drive people to a store that is unfinished. The traffic being driven may not be a total loss, but you certainly aren’t getting the full value out of each customer. Many won’t find what… Read More »Are the signs up in your shop?

Unleash your expert content

There are so many aspects of internet marketing where we business-to-business marketers say: “Well, that’s straightforward enough for consumer marketing, but…” and we’re right to say that. But there are also aspects where we have advantages too, and one of those is in generating content for our websites. Getting more content on a site is a huge draw for traffic, both via search engines and external links. And I suspect that your company has a lot of useful expert information it can impart as great content. Seven Types of Expert… Read More »Unleash your expert content