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Savvy B2B Marketing

The dramatic tension in business problems

There’s a nice article called What Marketers Can Learn from Storytellers on Savvy B2B Marketing. I’ve been doing a course this year on video marketing, and it’s been made quite apparent that the “story” a video tells will make or break the presentation. But the same applies to a piece of persuasive writing too. You need surprise! You need inspiration! And you need dramatic tension too…

The return of the case study

Case studies. Application notes. User stories. Whatever you call them, they ought to be somewhere in your marketing arsenal. If you’re using an external PR company, they’re probably on at you all the time to do these. Why? Because they can just pass it on to some tech writer for £500 (been there, done that) and sell it on to you at a nice markup. If you use a small PR company or a freelance writer, they’ll probably be less enthusiastic, for the same reason you don’t like to do… Read More »The return of the case study

How competent, approachable and trustworthy are you?

Whilst working on a website rebuild for a small industrial distributor last week, I looked at the sites belonging to half a dozen of their competitors. To be honest, although I was familiar with the market sector and the technology, these competitors were quite niche ones, and I’d only ever heard of one of them. This meant that like many website visitors, I made snap judgments about the companies from just a few seconds reading a product page. I’m not sure whether the companies which struck me as looking competent,… Read More »How competent, approachable and trustworthy are you?

Answer their questions by asking them first

Last month I discussed the concept of a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) page, and quoted the observation that if those questions really are FREQUENTLY ASKED, why the heck isn’t your regular copy answering your visitors’ questions? However, although the majority of business to business websites I visit don’t have an FAQs page, that’s not because they answer them all in the copy. It’s because they’ve never even thought about them and considered putting them on the company website. So, curiously, the first step to removing the FAQs page – and… Read More »Answer their questions by asking them first

The Product Launch: skirmish or campaign?

A recent article called Power Past that Press Release on Savvy B2B Marketing got me thinking about product launches, and if they’ve really changed over the years. I don’t think they have really, which might be a waste of new opportunities. What do you do when it comes to a major new product launch? Let the journals know with a press release, maybe a presentation at The First Friday Club? Hold a “launch day” for customers and prospects? All of these things are fine, but they’re trying to make an… Read More »The Product Launch: skirmish or campaign?