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How do we make our readers think we’re smart?

Having a company blog isn’t some new fad. In fact, it’s taken a long time for many companies to see the benefit. Forget about the silly name for a moment, and just consider a blog to replace the “news” part of your website (which you never update frequently enough, do you?) with something that’s far more dynamic, readable and effective. Instead of a stuffy “news” section which makes a company look over-formal and undynamic (because it hasn’t had anything added for months), a blog makes you look like you’re genuinely… Read More »How do we make our readers think we’re smart?

Avoiding the “Stunningly Awful Demo”

If you ever have to give product demonstrations, you’ll be amused by Guy Kawasaki’s Five Things Not To Do in a Demo on the Open Forum. However, many of these “things to avoid” also happen to be no-go areas in other parts of the marketing mix. Not doing your homework when it comes to the audience’s needs is a good example of something which doesn’t just apply to demonstrations. If you’re taking a product to an construction industry exhibition, you need to make sure the focus of your handouts is… Read More »Avoiding the “Stunningly Awful Demo”

Can you cope with the criticism?

Guy Kawasaki on How To Change The World is usually worth listening to, and last week on the AmEx OPEN forum he posted a nice piece called The Art of Customer Surveys. Now, we all know we have to listen to our customers (and equally importantly, potential customers), and we all know surveys are a good way of sounding them out, especially as they’re so easy to do. But Kawasaki points out there are many dangers in surveys, not least their self-selecting nature. I don’t think these are reasons to… Read More »Can you cope with the criticism?