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Express yourself

A fundamental skill requirement has crept into the marketing function over the past few years: the ability to write good prose. Now that everyone’s a publisher, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid having to write material which gets presented to the public directly. There’s always something which is so urgent there’s not time to outsource it to a professional writer, and few small or medium sized companies have in-house copywriting specialists. Even if you don’t have an aspect of the English language which constantly perplexes you, I’d recommend reading Tools… Read More »Express yourself

A Frequently Omitted Feature

This is great. FAQ Pages: Best Practices and Examples on Noupe reminds us all of how important “Frequently Asked Questions” pages are, and how we can use them effectively. And as I’ve mentioned before, many people type questions into search engines (rather unthinkingly). If your website has the actual question there, and not just the answers, guess who comes up top in Google for that question?

Here’s my card. Sorry you can’t read it.

A short diversion away from online marketing today, because I found a lovely article about Beautiful Business Card Designs. It seems to me to be so important to have memorable (not to mention legible) business cards, as they’re often the only thing you leave important business contacts with. I’ve had my current business cards for nearly 18 months now and have been very pleased with the impact they’ve made. Now, clearly a jazzy card like this isn’t right for every business, but I do feel sorry for those of you… Read More »Here’s my card. Sorry you can’t read it.

Data tables aren’t just for data sheets

Occasionally I like to get into graphic design, because although I’m no expert at implementation, it’s essential to understand what works and what doesn’t when subcontracting work to professional designers. Sadly, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by their ability to choose nice colours and fonts, and forget to see if they actually understand usability, structure and organisation. Few of us in technical marketing will have websites without tables of data. However, tables can also be a great way of displaying and summarising simple arguments (“us: tick – the competitors: cross”).… Read More »Data tables aren’t just for data sheets