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Marketing Interactions

The role of traditional storytelling in B2B marketing

If you’re ever struggling to write a good piece to promote one of your products or services, or even your entire organisation, this approach can often give you the inspiration you need. It begins with the old idea of there being three characters in every story, a hero, villain and a mentor.

Some ideas for “good content”

We all know that getting good content on your website is a massive help in drawing people towards it. But what is “good content”? It’s easy to say, but harder to define. As ever, we give you a lot of help in this direction on our Insider Programme. However, there are some super tips in a fine article called Marketing Content Salespeople Actually Use on the Marketing Interactions site. This piece is primarily aimed at making you think about how to write content which helps your sales team, rather than… Read More »Some ideas for “good content”