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Junta42 Content Marketing

Who actually reads your email newsletters?

I promised more stuff about email marketing, and here’s a useful short article from Junta42 Content Marketing called What’s an Acceptable Enewsletter Open Rate? which is worth a look. The author reckons that open rates ranging from 8% to 45% are typical (it’s amazing how many companies think theirs gets much higher), but mid- to high-teens is an average for decent enewsletters. So yes, that does mean that if you send out to 500 customers, don’t expect more than 50-100 to actually read the thing. An issue not mentioned in… Read More »Who actually reads your email newsletters?

Does your writing get people excited?

The Junta42 Content Marketing blog demonstrates vividly where most companies go wrong with their content marketing in Your Customers Don’t Care About You – Take the Content Marketing Test. The article develops the well-known criticism that too much marketing is about “we” when it should be about “you”. We can all learn from social media, which is all about people passing on messages. If your message is self-centred, nobody’s going to be interested in telling other people about it. In other words, if you want what you write to be… Read More »Does your writing get people excited?

Aren’t these the goals of marketing?

“Content Marketing” is something which is proving to be more and more effective, perhaps as a result of the way in which people find and consume information. It’s very relevant to us in the technical marketing sphere, and a very good introductory article worth a read is What Does Science Teach Us About Content Marketing? on the Junta42 Content Marketing blog. It compares what we know as content marketing with the process of peer-reviewed publishing in the scientific world. As it says: “The benefits of peer-review publishing and content marketing… Read More »Aren’t these the goals of marketing?