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A more interesting PR challenge

Have you got a decent technical writer in-house or on tap externally who you don’t think is being utilised effectively writing press releases? There’s a good tip in the article Hubpages and Squidoo for Industrial SEO on Industrial Search Engine Marketing: why not post some content on the Hubpages or Squidoo sites? These will give you valuable incoming links, and more importantly, will be good PR in the wider sense, helping establish your company as an authority on its subject. Go on – give your PR writer a more interesting challenge today.

Is Facebook relevant to us in industry?

Here’s an interesting discussion. Industrial Search Engine Marketing asks: “(is) Facebook a Viable Channel for Industrial Marketing?” and the answer is that it could well be.

Now, like me, in a business context you may well gloss over anyone talking about Facebook and social media in general, thinking that it’s of no consequence. But there’s a growing (if still small) amount of business related activity going on in Facebook, and it might well be worth some of your time, especially if you’re a regular Facebook user and know your way around. Read the article and see what you think.

Attractive looking URLs rule OK

Here’s an article which backs up something I’d been fairly sure about for quite a while. According to Improve click-throughs with the right URL names on Industrial Search Engine Marketing, the actual URL (the web page address) in Google results (the bit in green) is becoming more important. I agree. If I type in “widget review” into Google, I know that 9 out of 10 results which come up are not going to be reviews of widgets, but shopping sites selling widgets which have managed to score well for the term “widget review” without having any decent reviews. I’m sure you’ve seen the same thing. So I then scan down the URLs to see the site names, and if one of them is “” or something similar, that’s the one I click.

This becomes a habit after a while, even when it’s not strictly necessary. So what do we take away from this? If your system allows you to give your web pages decent names, use that capability. If you’re reading this page on the web, look at the URL (or if you’re reading my email, click here). The URL is in the “address bar” at the top of your browser window. If you glanced at that in a set of Google results, it would be a lot more clickable than some long string of random numbers, wouldn’t it?

Double-u double-u double-u

In WWW or Non-WWW, That is the Question on Industrial Search Engine Marketing, the question is asked: Is better than – and there’s a good discussion which you might like to read.

But there’s a more fundamental question which everyone should ask, right now: does my own website work for the alternative way of typing in the address? For most of us, that means, if the “www.” is missed off, does it work? It ought to, because many, many people now just bash the last part of a website address into their browsers (e.g ““) without the “http://” or the “www.” and you don’t want them to think you’re no longer around. It’s a two-minute job to fix this and it shouldn’t cost you anything because any decent website manager should have had this working from the start.

Keeping your website “search engine friendly”

Here’s a nice little article on the Industrial Search Engine Marketing blog which is worth going through. Quick Site Audit! Is Your Site Search Engine Friendly? gives a small selection of elementary things which your website should and shouldn’t have if it’s to be “search engine friendly”.

If you think you might not be conforming to the article’s suggestions, get the problem fixed and you’ll undoubtedly see more traffic from Google. Some of the points may seem quite technical, but throw this at your website designers if you’re unsure and get them to confirm all is in order. It doesn’t do any harm to keep them on their toes.