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Google outlines its use of AI

Google outlines its use of AI

Search engines are probably at the leading edge of how  artificial intelligence and machine learning is being used, in any application.

Google moves to keep up to the minute

I’ve deliberately not mentioned Google’s recent important ranking algorithm until now, so we could actually judge the effect, particularly for business-to-business marketing.

Now it’s really worth uploading video content

Videos are great for business, and still a hugely under-used marketing tool in most B2B sectors. You don’t have to spend thousands on them: bring in a modern video camera, get a decent salesman to demonstrate a product in a well-lit room, and you can have the results up on YouTube up before elevenses. It’s a great thing to point prospects towards, and it’s another tempting item for bloggers and news sites to include. The problem with video is in getting it to convert, even to website traffic. That’s because… Read More »Now it’s really worth uploading video content

Why you should follow Google’s advice

Last week I mentioned one of the useful guides issued by Google, and a lot of you found that interesting, so here’s another – probably the most basic one of all, as it happens. Whilst Google’s Webmaster Guidelines page is critical to owners of new websites to ensure they don’t make big mistakes, it’s also a great checklist for your existing site. When you get on to the technical section, don’t worry if it goes over your head, but do forward the items to whoever set up and manages your… Read More »Why you should follow Google’s advice

Those nice people at Google

To know how to write web pages to do well in Google, it can be helpful to know a bit about Google itself. And there’s a nice little introductory article on the official Google Blog, called Introduction to Google Search Quality, which puts a human face on what they do. Obviously it doesn’t reveal any trade secrets, but it reinforces the fact that there are people behind all this technology. As well as a staggering number of PCs.