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All change on Google Analytics

If you’re a regular Google Analytics user, then you’ll probably have heard about the sparkly new interface which is being introduced. Indeed, you may already have tried it.

If it was this easy, anyone could do it

Visiting a website and performing any transaction, from downloading a data sheet to ordering and paying for a product, ought to be as easy as buying a loaf of bread. Uh-oh…

Excluding your own company from Google Analytics

If you have a decent-enough amount of traffic on your company website, surely the few extra visits from within your own company won’t skew the figures dramatically, will they? Well, no, but they can prove irritating. For example, it’s only you and your colleagues who are going to look at pages the moment they’re posted, and it’s irritating to see this phantom traffic putting spikes on the visitor graphs in this way. You might also make specific Google searches to see where you appear, click through, and have that search… Read More »Excluding your own company from Google Analytics