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Conversion Rate Experts

Small change for big profits

The good folks at Conversion Rate Experts have recently given us 5 reasons to get obsessed with conversion rate optimization in 2009 and you have to agree it makes a lot of sense. In the article, they show how a 50% increase in conversion rate can result in a 500% increase in profits – a very interesting concept. “Conversion” is all about getting sales from where you were getting leads, and leads from where you were getting window shoppers. If you’re spending a fortune directing people to your website and… Read More »Small change for big profits

Can I help you, sir?

“If you sold Widgets, and a Widget-buying customer walks into your store, can’t find any Widgets on her own, and when she asks what aisle they’re in you remain silent, would you fire yourself?” Has your website got a site search box on it? No? Then you’re missing a big opportunity. There are two types of people who will use it: compulsive searchers who will always pick this route over any form of “navigation”; and visitors who couldn’t follow your navigation and expect search to be there as an alternative.… Read More »Can I help you, sir?

Keep on keeping on with Google

Someone asked me recently what position in the Google results I would classify as “good”. Sadly, it’s very high. As you go down the page, clickthroughs drop dramatically (and sorry – if you’re not in the top ten, i.e on page 1, you’re toast). An article on Conversion Rate Experts called Why Rank #1 in Google shows quite graphically where people look on the Google results page, and shows how important a no.1 spot is. The number of people bypassing the AdWords ads at the top of the page has… Read More »Keep on keeping on with Google

Great books about online marketing

I used to be one of those kids who spent all his exam revision time drawing out revision timetables, and then running out of any time to do revision. Now I read books about online marketing all the time, and subsequently have no time to put the ideas into practice on my own websites. Well, it seems like it. Anyway, I was wondering which books I’d class as the best I’d ever read, so I did the usual thing (this is a good technique, by the way) and entered the… Read More »Great books about online marketing