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Emails: why buy or rent lists when you can make your own?

I was helping one of our Insider Programme members last week with setting up a new email marketing programme, and it was a joy to be working with a company which is so open to new ideas and which wants to know what’s working at the moment (it made me do some homework!). I’ve tried to find an article for you all which summarises – and backs up – the advice I’ve given them, and here it is. “Purchasing email lists is NEVER a good idea. Ever.” on BeRelevant! gives… Read More »Emails: why buy or rent lists when you can make your own?

Another boring email title (with 47 characters)

For the many people who became readers of this blog in the past few days, I should point out that my daily ramblings aren’t usually anything like the length of those you saw last week. Normally I point to another article about online marketing, selected from hundreds of bloggers and authors I read regularly. Today I’d like to draw your attention to an article on the BeRelevant! site which summarises a recent research report on email subject lines. According to the report discussed in Subject Line Research Reveals Content is… Read More »Another boring email title (with 47 characters)

The next step for your AdWords campaigns

Hands up who’s doing PPC (pay per click) advertising? You know, Google AdWords and the like? Hmm, that’s quite a lot of you. And I see a few of you, even at fairly small companies, spending as much as you ever did on print advertising – and the monthly expenditure is rising too. So perhaps we need to take stock of where we are. In 7 Signs Your PPC Campaigns Needs Optimization on the Marketing Optimization Blog the author contends that you’re probably not doing AdWords as efficiently as you… Read More »The next step for your AdWords campaigns

Free guide to email marketing

Thanks to BeRelevant for pointing out that a nice little e-book called The Practical Guide to Email Marketing is available for free download – go get your copy now while it’s still available. If you do any sort of promotional emailing for your company, I’m pretty certain you’ll find some good tips inside.

What type of mailings pay dividends for you?

I mentioned not neglecting “snail mail” the other day, and in Direct Mail Versus E-mail: You Decide on the BeRelevant! blog, the strengths and weaknesses of the two methods are discussed. Of course, in the end, it all comes down to return on investment. You do know the return on investment figures for recent mailing campaigns in your business, don’t you? Of course you do.

Content ideas for your email newsletters

I recently pointed you towards some good email newsletter production advice – now here are some good ideas about content. In 12 Content Ideas for Your Email Campaigns on the BeRelevant! blog, there are some nice suggestions which I might not have thought of – but which might just work well.

How to get a successful newsletter produced

Does your company run an email newsletter for your customers? I’m sure you do – it’s just about the most cost-effective sales and marketing exercise available to you, and has been for many years. But if you don’t, or if you produce one only half-heartedly, have a read of 3 Steps to Regular Email Newsletters on the BeRelevant! blog. In this article, the author suggests that a successful newsletter needs a timetable, an owner and an easy method of contributing at a time of the contributor’s choice. What you simply… Read More »How to get a successful newsletter produced