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White Papers and Case Studies work best

On the subject of content generation, as I was yesterday, it’s interesting to read the findings of a publication called the B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report, discussed in Online content preferences of B2B technology buyers on the B2B Web Strategy Blog. Respondents to the survey rated 4- to 8-page “White Papers” with plenty of technical content as being their favourite type of written collateral. Fortunately this also lends itself to website-based material, either as a freely-available offering or as content which can be requested in exchange for contact details. To… Read More »White Papers and Case Studies work best

Tough love

Hats off to the B2B Web Strategy Blog for some tough love: it’s no longer good enough to say you can’t find the time to update your website because there’s so much else going on. As How to keep your website’s content fresh points out: “If it’s hard for you to find time to generate fresh, relevant content for your site, then I’d respectfully suggest that your priorities are out of line with the fact that today’s website is central to every B2B’s marketing strategy, not some hobby off to… Read More »Tough love

What does your home page tell you?

Although most of us are fixated with pages deep within websites, where people with highly specific searches in Google usually arrive, we shouldn’t neglect our home pages. Now, I’m assuming your website’s home page isn’t still stuck in the 1990s with the fatal words “skip movie”, or “sign in to access the site”, or “please tell us what country you’re in”. I think we can safely assume that most B2B sites have moved on from that, and now try to explain concisely that the company does indeed do what the… Read More »What does your home page tell you?

Try using snail mail again

No, seriously, bear with me. In Fast fixes for B2B marketing in a sour economy on the B2B Web Strategy Blog, author Bill Gadless says that in a downturn, leads are harder to come by and taking noticeably longer to close. So it’s time to take a critical look at your marketing and fix some of those deficiencies that could safely be ignored in the good times. Five specific ideas are highlighted (including why you might think about trying snail mail again), and there’s a link to a much more… Read More »Try using snail mail again

You need leads more than ever

I’ve gone back to an article which is a few months old today, because it might give you some inspiration if you’re wondering whether to invest in your website in the current economic climate (or it might give you some ammunition if you’re trying to persuade someone to let you). In How a Website Makeover Can Help “Recession-Proof” Your Company on the B2B Web Strategy blog, the author argues that in a downturn, “even if you don’t aim for market share growth, you’re likely to find that you need more… Read More »You need leads more than ever

It’s not all about rewriting the code

There’s a whole consultancy industry called “search engine optimisation”, or SEO, which has built up around the understandable desire of companies to “get us to number one on Google” (to which I say: “number one for what, precisely?”). And the most frustrating thing for most of these consultancies appears to be the inclination of clients to just ask them to do all the “technical stuff with the code”. That’s a relatively easy piece in the jigsaw, but it’s not going to get significant results on its own, and so often,… Read More »It’s not all about rewriting the code