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It’s never too late to start your email newsletter

The most common sentiment I hear nowadays from companies which don’t do email newsletters for customers and prospects is along the lines of “well, we’ve never done one”, implying that “we wish we had, but it’s too late now”. That makes no sense whatsoever. You’re not in competition with anyone! Look at it this way. Do you wish that you (or your predecessors) had set up an email newsletter for customers and prospects years ago, so it would have built up a really nice circulation by now? Well, if you… Read More »It’s never too late to start your email newsletter

Reaching out by email

Where do you turn for email marketing lists? I hope you have developed your own “opt-in” customer and prospect list over the years, but what if you want to reach a wider base? In Choosing the Right B-to-B Direct Mail List on the B2B Insights Blog, some of the best options are discussed, including trade association lists, exhibition attendees and magazine circulations, all of which are often available for hire. What have you found useful in the past? We’ve heard some good things about the list rental offerings from trade… Read More »Reaching out by email

PR? Don’t mention keyword research

Are you going to be cutting back on your press releases and article writing this year? With budgets tight, it’s an obvious candidate for reduced expenditure, as PR in general is hard to get an accurate return on investment for. But if you want to defend this part of your marketing budget, there are a couple of good arguments in Should You Preserve Your PR Budget? on the B2B Insights Blog. You may find them useful. I reckon that generating content for the media is as valuable as ever –… Read More »PR? Don’t mention keyword research

Time to get to the point

Should you continue promoting your company in a business downturn? Of course you should, even if it has to be at a reduced level, because a dip in the market is the easiest time to increase market share, history has taught us that. But should your marketing message change? In Ten Tips for Effective Creative in Difficult Times on the B2B Insights Blog it’s suggested that you make more effort to understand the situation in which your customers find themselves (and I should add that their situation might just be… Read More »Time to get to the point

The 24/7 Trade Show

I like analogies, and I especially like them when the analogy is something closely related. In Web Site as Trade Show? on the B2B Insights Blog, author Russ Green looks at the extent to which most of us will go to make an exhibition stand work, and then asks if we “put the same amount of effort and investment into creating a great web site experience for customers and prospects”. Best of all, however, he touches on all the elements of a successful exhibition stand, and discusses how each of… Read More »The 24/7 Trade Show