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BMONwords: get more real content on your website, every month

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Does your marketing wish list include adding content to your website?

BMONwords is a new service from Business Marketing Online which makes it easy for you to outsource the task of building up your website content. What’s more, it comes with all the free add-ons which go with using BMON and which have made our AdWords management service so popular. For years, you’ve been advised of the need to add more quality technical content to your website, to improve visibility in the search engines. This is your opportunity to do so, and get ahead of your competition.

Delivered to schedule

The core of the work will be adding technical text to your product pages; writing application-oriented feature articles for your website; or producing authoritative background articles. We’ll start by sitting down with you to work out what’s feasible within a year-long programme of BMONwords content creation and your budget. At this meeting, we’ll create a calendar of what’s going to be delivered each month for the next year, and how you’d like it presented. You’ll get a fixed invoice each month, agreed in advance, with no surprises. And we’ll propose one or more well-known technical writers who’ll we’ll use to write all the material.

We just get on with the job

Like our hugely popular Google AdWords management service, BMONwords is designed to relieve you of a major ongoing task, not to add to your workload. After the initial setup, we’d expect to communicate with you remotely, sorting out the information required without further meetings. Depending on the type of content required, you’ll probably just need to email us background information and/or point us towards the relevant technical contact. Our project manager here – your single point of contact – will deal with everything. We’re even happy to add the content directly to your website, if that’s possible.

Content with the web in mind

This is not a “PR” service. There are many great businesses around which can professionally handle press release writing and editorial relations. BMONwords is designed purely for engineering and scientific companies who have identified a need to get more content on their websites. Of course, the articles created can be re-purposed for press releases, publicity and white papers should you wish to do that. But we create content with the web in mind, and that will of course include serious consideration of the search terms which might be used to find it. We will of course include suggested titles and description meta tags for each article.

No need to explain the technology to us

We have writers in-house with many years of experience as trade magazine editors and marketing communications managers. More importantly, we’ve made arrangements with a wide range of independent technical writers, all well-known within specialist fields. With BMONwords you can be sure your new content will be produced by experts.

A steady monthly stream of work

Commissioning a BMONwords project couldn’t be easier. We have a selection of content (e.g. article) types available, the most popular being:

  • Product description (typically 200-300 words) – a short piece to bulk up a product page on your website into something more substantial
  • Application feature (typically 500-600 words) – a medium-length piece demonstrating how your products or technology can meet specific requirements, perhaps including a case study
  • Technical background article (typically 1000-1200 words) – a longer piece aimed at positioning your company as an authority in its field

Examples of the above can be seen at our demonstrator site here.

We value each of these with ‘credits’, e.g.:

  • Product description = 1 credit
  • Application feature = 2 credits
  • Technical background article = 4 credits

Credits cost £300 each, so if you commit to a monthly budget of £1200, for example, we’ll be able to deliver 4 credits’ worth of work each month. This could be 4 product descriptions, or 1 technical background article, or 2 descriptions and an application article – whatever meets your requirements. We can also offer other items such as slideshow videos, key personnel interviews and more.

Minimal commitment, easy to budget

All we ask for is a minimum monthly budget of £600 and a commitment to 6 months’ work. Even at this entry level, you could completely refresh and enhance 12 product pages over the next two quarters, or produce 3 major technical background articles to really increase your website’s authority. Here’s a typical example of how a £1,200 per month budget could be spent over the course of a year:


That’s 24 product pages brought to life; 6 application features designed to attract prospects who what they want to achieve, but not who can help them; and 3 technical background articles establishing your company as an authority in its field, both with customers and search engines. All delivered within 12 months, with minimal distraction.

Clear and constant feedback

Of course, the most observable result of this effort will be a more substantial website. But will BMONwords have an impact in generating visitors? We’ll work with you to use your website visitor analytics effectively, to generate the reports which will show what’s been achieved. We’ll also add the relevant search terms to a weekly “Google Search Monitoring Report” which we’ll send to you, tracking what we hope will be the steadily improving position of your website for those search terms in the Google results. As our Google AdWords management service clients know, using BMON gets you a valuable and knowledgeable extra member of your marketing team.

I’m interested. What now?

Just give Laura a call, or drop her an email, and let’s see what BMON can do for you.