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How does BMON report back?

(7/8) If you’re managing Google Ads in-house, analysing what you’re getting from it is down to what you can deduce from your Google Ads account management interface (and perhaps Google Analytics). There’s no getting away from the time it’ll take, however.


As a BMON client, you’ll get a personal report written for you each month, where possible using data from your own website visitor stats (e.g. Google Analytics).

We believe it’s better to look at the independent data on what’s actually happened, not what you paid for. We go much further than looking at plain visitor statistics, however. Instead, we drill down into the data to investigate the “quality” visits: First-time visitors to your website, from the right geographical area and who spent a decent amount of time looking around.

You’ll also be able to compare the Google Ads traffic with other sources, such as search engines, third-party websites and even email initiatives.

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