Why is AdWords the best way to get on Google?

(4/8) For the first few years of Google’s existence, its result pages featured just ten items, and could be manipulated before lunchtime. The whole industry of “search engine optimisation” (SEO) grew up to help companies do just that.

Google could not be more different today. It now takes serious resources to make a major difference to the Google results, usually well beyond the budgets of ordinary businesses. Any companies still dabbling at paying someone a few hundred pounds a month to perform some undisclosed SEO witchcraft are wasting their money.

It’s still important to get the basics of SEO right. Presenting your pages to Google correctly and building effective links will pay dividends in less common (and vitally important) “long tail” searches. We make sure all of our clients do this.

Blue Widgets-Google-Search

However, one glance at a Google results page (shown) will remind you of the extent that advertising now dominates the Google results, especially for generic product searches. That’s why Google AdWords is the first entry on most companies’ advertising schedule, and sometimes the only advertising they do.

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